Efficient Management of Small and Medium Wastewater Treatment Plants


The OptimEDAR product aims to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of a new control and management product for small and medium wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) based on an eco-innovative on-line monitoring of the aeration process in the biological reactor, resulting from a research project funded by the Spanish Agency for Technology Development (CDTI).

The OptimEDAR product allows small and medium WWTPs to run affordable on-line management scheme of the aeration process, deriving in higher quality of treated water (less reactant and chemical by-products) and less energy consumption, meaning an increased productivity of the whole system and a faster water quality control loop.

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Energy Saving in Sewerage Sector in Discussion
Successful follow-up of OptimEDAR project
Technical Workshop “Energy Saving and Maximum Operation in WWTP” read more...


• Large old category enterprise company. Set up in 1988, it is currently a member of Comsa Emte Group.
• Expert in the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance in the fields of automation and control, information and communication systems, mainly for hydrological control, water and air quality and meteorology applications.
• Present in Latin America, Europe, Australia and North Africa.
   www.adasasistemas.com   -   www.adasaproducts.adasasistemas.com

• SME old category technology-based commercial company based in Romania.
• Good expertise in practical issues that may arise during the design, installation, day-to-day operation and testing of small and medium sized WWTPs.
• Can provide logistic support, office space, means of transportation and qualified staff.

• Public entity of the Government of Catalonia.
• Founded in 2000 as the hydraulic authority in Catalonia, it is in charge of the policy-making decisions concerning the use of public water, basing its philosophy on the WFD principles of environmental, guaranteed, economic and social sustainability.
• The Agency programs and manages the complete water cycle, executing action plans associated with UWWT and the regional implementation of WFD directives.

• Offers multiple technological services, from electronic equipment and PCB assembly to the design, development and implantation of technological projects.
• Experience in telecommunications, automotive, logistics, and consultancy sectors.



• Overall management and co-ordination of the project.

• Carried out by the Coordinator (ADASA).

Product Engineering

• Compilation of product requirements and technical specifications will be compiled.

• Additional activity to retrieve the feedback from other work packages and translate it into final product specifications.

Product Replication Plan

• Planning, preparation and implementation of case studies at the end users’ of water treatment plants in selected sites placed in Spain and Romania.

• Definition of monitoring plan in order to evaluate the real performance of the product in the different sites.

Product Installation and Commissioning

• Installation of the product, commissioning and training.

• Temporary installation of 2 continuous water quality monitoring units, one for each country.

Monitoring Product Operation and Impacts Assessment

• Water quality monitoring of WWTP and performance assessment.

• Analysis of the product feedback from the users, and conclusions for final product engineering.

Exploitation and Business Plan

• Commercialization of OptimEDAR.

• Comprehensive market analysis and market studies.

• Preparation of the business plan.

Exploitation and Business Plan

• Creation of a website, participation in fairs and conferences, one workshop organisation.

• Large campaign to inform general public and authorities.

• Articles for specialized magazines or press papers.


Energy Saving in Sewerage Sector in Discussion

JULY 2014

Last 3rd of July took place the technical workshop "Energy Saving in Sewerage Sector", where representatives of public administration, technological companies and the university discussed the latest efficiency energy strategies applied in wastewater.

Organized by Adasa in Barcelona, and with the support of the Catalan Water Agency and other institutions such as the Catalan Institute for Water Research (Instituto Catalán de Investigación del Agua), Catalonia Water (Aguas de Cataluña) and the University of Extremadura (Universidad de Extremadura), this seminar become an interesting meeting point and technical forum.

The Catalan Water Agency explained the successful results of the implantation of OptimEDAR in Carme WWTP (Catalonia, Spain), where a reduction of 15% of the power consumption was achieved, and a strong improvement of water quality in relation to the nutrients removal. Meanwhile, the University of Extremadura also detailed the positive results of OptimEDAR at the Albuera WWTP (Extremadura, Spain).

An active round table was carried out at the end of the workshop. The main challenges and opportunities that the wastewater sector is facing nowadays in order to enhance energy efficiency and promote innovative technologies were the main subjects.

Successful follow-up of OptimEDAR project

JULY 2014

On 12th of June took place the follow-up meeting of the Eco-innovation OptimEDAR project.

The main aims of this event were the following up of the different milestones in order to guarantee the correct achievement of the technical and financial goals. In addition, as a part of this evaluation, one of the Spanish demonstration site was visited by the European Project Officer and the members of the international consortium.

As a result, the European Project Officer evaluated successfully the management and development of this wastewater European project.

Technical Workshop “Energy Saving and Maximum Operation in WWTP”

JULY 2014

Save up to 20% of energy and eliminate nutrients in WWTP

This strategic workshop, which will be hold in Barcelona on 3rd of July, aims to deal with the minimization of energy costs and maximize operation efficiency in wastewater treatment plants.

Efficiency strategies in WWTP will be shown, especially the ones achieved with European project OptimEDAR:

• 20 % reduction in the cost of the energy consumption of the biologic reactor.

• Enhanced water quality of effluents with at least 20% less nitrogen and phosphate.

• Reduction of 15% in the production of sewage sludge.




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